Assemblymember Marie Waldron Statement on Governor Newsom’s May Budget Revise

Valley Center – Today, Assemblymember Marie Waldron (R -Valley Center) issued her response to Governor Newsom’s May Budget Revise.

“The state has an unprecedented $97.5 billion surplus, resulting largely from over taxation,” she said. Californians are suffering from high grocery prices, sky-high gas prices, rising crime, unaffordable housing and utility costs, increases in homelessness and poverty, wildfires and drought. She added, “Despite the massive surplus, the problems Californians are dealing with remain unaddressed.  From record high gas prices, energy costs, surging crime, lack of drought planning and increasing wildfire danger, we have lots of issues that need to be addressed.”

“The taxpayers’ money should not be wasted on a political wish list. Common sense solutions are readily available. We need leadership that has the will to tackle the real, critical issues facing California.”