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Assistance League of Inland North County was picked as a California Nonprofit of the Year by Assemblymember Marie Waldron and is among more than 100 nonprofits recognized by their state senators and assemblymembers for their significant contributions to the communities they serve.
The Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce's State of the Chamber event was unlike any other in the business-promoting organization's history. Also speaking during the event was State Assemblymember Marie Waldron and Fallbrook Honorary Mayor Carlos Perez, who will be the honorary mayor again, MacDonald said.
Citing the threat of coronavirus, both houses of the California Legislature plan to allow some members at higher risk for COVID-19 to weigh in on pending bills from their districts when the Legislature reconvenes in Sacramento next week Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron said the Legislature should not allow proxy voting until it gets approval from the voters.
The pandemic has thrown another curve at state Capitol operations. With news of a small number of confirmed COVID-19 infections, members of the Assembly will not be returning to Sacramento next week, when their summer recess was scheduled to end. “Shutting down the legislative work for the people of CA is not the solution,” Assemblymember Marie Waldron, the Assembly minority leader, tweeted this week.
Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron of Escondido said it was “inconceivable” that the state would raise costs on Californians at this time. “Unemployment continues to rise and all the ways California was unaffordable prior to the pandemic still exist — suspending the gas tax increase is the least that could be done,” Waldron said.
Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron and other California leaders formally requested $1 trillion in federal aid today to assist states and local governments with looming budget crises as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Waldron, as part of a coalition of western state officials led by Gov. Gavin Newsom, is requesting emergency funding to stave off deep cuts to essential services like hospitals, education, fire and police.
Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron of Escondido said the state government can do much to help reduce unemployment by moving faster to restore parts of the economy shuttered by the governor’s stay-at-home order. “The best way to fix this budget crisis is by helping people get back to work safely,” she said.
For Californians desperate to get unemployment assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, the last month has been a perfect storm of failures for a state government with a long history of technology problems. Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron of Escondido credits Gov. Gavin Newsom with trying to resolve the problems amid an unprecedented flood of new unemployment claims, but she said technology problems are a “recurring theme” in California state government. “This is unacceptable,” Waldron said of the EDD’s issues with processing claims. “Our constituents need help, and the state’s…
Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron has been appointed to Governor Gavin Newsom’s newly-created Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery. The task force will be focused on California’s economic recovery amid the COVID-19 crisis. Waldron, a small business owner, will serve along former governors, titans of industry and other leaders to help lead Californians through the long recovery ahead. “It is an honor to serve our state during this difficult time,” Waldron said. “As the owner of a small retail manufacturing apparel business for 25 years, I am excited to help hard-working California…
The activities of the staff at Assemblywoman Marie Waldron’s office have shifted into high gear answering constituent calls that are often related to the coronavirus crisis. Mrs. Waldron, who is the Republican leader in Assembly in Sacramento, maintains a district office in Escondido. She reports that over the last two weeks, most of the inquiries from constituents “have been EDD-related, including numerous calls involving filing problems and whether or not coverage for independent contractors and the self-employed is now available.”   Small  business owners have been calling for…