DMV Update

The DMV has extended the time for drivers license renewals that had expired during the period of March 2020 on.  All drivers under age 69 were extended until July 31 with expanded online renewal available. Commercial license renewal extended until Sept. 30, 2020.  Learners permits from March 2020 also extended 6 months.  This is good news for many.

My office has been contacted by many people over age 70 with concerns about their expiring driver licenses. State law requires those over 70 to visit the DMV in person to renew their licenses. Since appointments are not currently available, how they can renew their license amid worries over possible exposure to the Coronavirus. Fortunately, the DMV has just announced that drivers over 70 will have their licenses extended for a full year from the original expiration date. No action is necessary – it’s automatic -- all police agencies have been notified. TSA has also been notified, and will accept recently expired driver licenses or ID cards without a paper extension.

DMV offices have now reopened statewide after being closed several months. Some DMV functions, such as behind-the-wheel tests are still not being offered because of social distancing concerns. Once DMV has worked through appointments canceled due to the pandemic, new appointments will soon be offered. And if you’re concerned about getting Real ID, the federal government has extended that deadline to October 1, 2021.

Many tasks can be accomplished online, or at one of DMV’s self-service kiosks located throughout the region. Address changes, title transfers and release of liability, replacement stickers, and more, can all be taken care of with a quick visit to the DMV’s website: