Helping Small Business Get Back on its Feet

California is now reopening its economy, something I’ve been advocating for months. As a small business owner, I understand the disproportionate impact the pandemic had on small businesses, which make up 95% of all businesses in this region and employ the vast majority of workers. We’re taking a huge step in the right direction, though it’s months too late.

Eliminating mandatory shutdowns is only part of the solution. Businesses need help so that they can successfully reopen and get their employees back to work. Below I’m listing some of the resources that will help:

  • The California Grants Portal provides one destination for businesses seeking grants and loans offered on a competitive or first-come basis by California state agencies. See HERE **
  • The Labor & Workforce Development Agency has a benefits summary chart for workers impacted by COVID-19. See HERE.
  • The Small Business Majority provides almost weekly webinars for business owners. For more information, see HERE.
  • The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) provides a hotline for navigating rules and regulations and information about state programs and incentives. Call (877) 345-4633 or submit a request online, HERE.
  • The California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program is now closed, but funding to continue the program was included in the 2021-22 budget. For more information, see HERE.
  • For information on workplace safety and health regulations, see Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Guidance and Resources website HERE.
  • The Small Business Development Center provides services to local businesses seeking to start or grow their business, including low/no fee workshops for start-up or existing businesses. See HERE

The pandemic’s economic fallout has been catastrophic. California has now started down the path toward recovery -- we must stay the course!

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