It’s Always Wildfire Season

May was Wildfire Preparedness Month, with the danger of wildfires increasing as we head into summer. Last winter’s record rainfall generated a massive amount of fuel throughout California, and San Diego County is no exception. Drive down almost any road in the backcountry and you’ll see overgrown and increasingly dry vegetation everyplace you look. Summer is coming, and the new growth is just waiting for a spark.

Defensible space around homes is absolutely essential, especially for those living in the backcountry. Minimum requirements are 100 feet around each structure – your local fire agency may require more depending on circumstances. For detailed information on San Diego County’s recommendations and requirements regarding clearing vegetation around your home, please visit: Defensible Space.

Everyone should have a family disaster plan that includes where to meet, how to keep in touch, what to do with pets and livestock, as well as emergency supplies including food, water and medication – all this must be planned in advance. Once disaster strikes, it’s too late.

There are many agencies and programs that can help you prepare a disaster-response plan for your family. The California Office of Emergency Services (OES) provides lots of useful information, including what to include in an emergency ‘Go Bag,’ preparing your pets, tips for home hardening, and more. For additional information, click here, and for San Diego County’s OES, click here. San Diego County also provides an Emergency App that that has information covering any disaster, including earthquakes and wildfires.

Fire season never ends in California. We always need to be ready and have a disaster plan in place so that we know exactly what to do during an emergency. We are just one spark away from another wildfire.