It's been an honor to serve you

Redistricting has changed electoral boundaries throughout California, I regret to say that I will no longer be serving you as Temecula’s representative in the California State Assembly. I love Temecula and its people; you have a great city with lots of good things happening.  You have honored me with your support for the past ten years. I am deeply grateful, and more than a little sad.

I will continue to represent the 75th Assembly District, which is now located entirely within San Diego County. The district includes the eastern two-thirds of San Diego County, and stretches from the Riverside/San Diego County Line, down to the Mexican border, and east from roughly the I-15 corridor to the Imperial County Line. Temecula now lies within the 71st Assembly District, and I am looking forward to working with your new Assemblymember (the votes are still being counted) as we tackle important issues that impact our region, and all of California.

These include the cost of living, crime, homelessness, substance abuse, the threat of wildfires, water policy  – the list is long and the issues are becoming critical. My goal is to focus on the causes of our problems, always ready to reach across party lines to provide bipartisan solutions for the vexing issues that impact all of us.

I’m sad to say goodbye, but it’s not really goodbye. I’ll be right next door working with my colleagues to help make California the ‘Golden State’ once again.