Our Assembly District

Many people ask me what is the State Assembly and where is our district? I'm always proud to talk about our amazing district and the wonderful people who live here.

The 75th Assembly District, which I am honored to represent, is a "healthy" district - with avocados, citrus, grapes and sunshine for example. From San Marcos and Escondido to Temecula, and every rural community in-between, including De Luz, Pauma Valley, Fallbrook, Bonsall, and Valley Center, we are lucky to call this beautiful region home.

The ties that bind us are strong. Escondido and Temecula are both railroad towns dating back to the 1800s, with vibrant historic downtowns generating tourism and local business. Today, we’re tied together by the I-15 corridor, over which thousands commute daily to work, to shop, to attend college or just for pleasure. This district is the heart of San Diego agriculture, and helps secure the county’s spot as the 19th most productive agricultural county in the nation. Our agriculture adds millions of dollars to our economic vitality and needs to be preserved.  Temecula’s wine country, with its outstanding reputation, also draws tourists from around the world. Our agro-tourism industry has become a major economic driver, locally and for the entire state.

The region’s Native American Tribes also make us unique. San Diego County has 18 Federally recognized tribal governments; more than any other county in the United States; eight of those lie within the 75th Assembly District, and five are gaming tribes. Tribal economies create thousands of jobs, generate millions in charitable contributions, and finance basic infrastructure including roads, bridges and public buildings. Tribal governments collaborate with nearby jurisdictions, and often provide badly-needed emergency services such as fire protection for the reservations and adjacent communities, essential for this fire-prone region.

I am honored to represent this unique community in Sacramento, and proud to call this beautiful district home!