Protecting Animals

Since joining the Legislature I have authored and supported many bills protecting pets and native wildlife, most of which are now law.

This session, I co-authored AB 128, which prevents the sale of wild horses for slaughter when purchased at auction. I also supported SB 469, which allows the California Horse Racing Board to quickly suspend events when necessary to protect the health and safety of horses or riders, along with AB 1565 to speed adoptions of kittens in animal shelters. SB 397 facilitates the evacuation of pet owners and their animals during emergencies. Unfortunately, SB 64 to reduce unnecessary euthanizing of shelter dogs and cats, was vetoed.

I authored legislation creating the Native California Wildlife Rehabilitation Voluntary Fund, allowing taxpayers to check off contributions on their tax returns to support injured or sick wildlife.  This fund is now offering grants to rehab organizations!  I co-authored a bill limiting mile-long gill nets for less destructive fishing techniques as well as legislation, known as the "Beagle Bill", requiring research institutions that use dogs or cats to offer those animals for adoption, and a bill protecting 'good Samaritans' who rescue trapped animals from hot cars.  I supported legislation to ban cosmetics manufactured or developed using animal testing - the first in the nation!  I have also supported banning puppy mills and encouraging adoption from shelters; requiring the Department of Justice to report statistics on animal abusers, and limiting civil liability for first responders who provide first aid for dogs or cats.

I’m a trained Project Wildlife Native songbird rehabilitator and have had the joy of raising many orphaned or injured songbirds and returning them to the wild. Animal welfare is a priority for me, and my love for animals will continue to guide me in the legislation that I support and introduce.