Recognizing Those Who Help

National emergencies bring out the best in us as Americans always step up to help those in need. During this coronavirus pandemic, individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses are answering the call for help.

In our Assembly District 75, Abbott Laboratories, with a major facility in Temecula, is deeply involved in the medical response to the pandemic. Abbott has developed tests that can detect the disease in just a few minutes, and recently announced the launch of a new antibody test that can determine if a person was previously infected. 4 million of these tests will be delivered this month, with 20 million expected to be delivered each month beginning in June.

Throughout our district, non-profits, churches, and many individuals, are rising to the challenge. In some cases, laid-off or furloughed workers have been making face masks in their homes for hospital workers and others on the front lines. Drive-through food distribution centers have been set up, and people have been volunteering to go grocery shopping for their elderly or infirm neighbors who should stay at home. We must also remember thousands of local healthcare workers, delivery drivers, store clerks and so many more who are providing essential services for the rest of us. Thankfully, the list of those answering the call is a long one.

These acts of kindness and sacrifice should be recognized and encouraged. Do you know a local individual or organization that should be recognized for outstanding community service? Please help me recognize those working tirelessly to ensure that we get through these challenging times. Submit your nominations and stories to or via the “contact me” section on my website at

It is truly an honor to serve the amazing people of this district.