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Today, Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron (Escondido) celebrated Juanita Hayes as the 75th Assembly District Woman of the Year. Hayes is an accomplished career woman with over 25 years in the corporate world and in education. She has taken the skills she learned in her busy career to enrich the lives of others in through involvement in her community and non-profits.
In his first State of the State speech, Newsom said what many have long thought: The state’s high-speed rail project, which has ballooned in price from $45 billion to $77 billion, is out of control and needs trimming. “Before we spend billions of additional bond funds and cap-and-trade revenues on this project, we must be assured that the segment you are proposing is both legal and useful,” the authors wrote under the rubric of San Diego-area Assemblywoman Marie Waldron.
Republican Assemblywoman Marie Waldron responded to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s first State of the State Speech on Feb. 12 in Sacramento, saying she was in agreement with several of the issues Newsom discussed. Waldron, minority party leader,  represents California State Assembly 75th District, which includes San Marcos and Escondido.  Waldron also noted that Assembly Republicans will keep a close eye on Newsom as the promises in his speech materialize into substantive legislative and regulatory proposals. 
“It’s completely unacceptable that the DMV knew about this issue for a month before even acknowledging something was wrong. The DMV has only been requiring one form of identification to verify residence (current lease, utility bill, etc) but DHS stated that two forms of identification were needed.   This is unacceptable and flies in the face of security for our citizens, which is what Real ID was created for in the first place.