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Last week it was announced that Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Lila MacDonald would visit Sacramento in March to attend a luncheon and a state session at the Capitol where she will be honored as Woman of the Year by District 75 Assemblymember Marie Waldron.
Asm. Marie Waldron is one of the most influential Republican legislators in Sacramento. She serves as the Republican Leader in the California Assembly. Asm. Waldron represents the 75th legislative district, which runs from Temecula to Escondido along the I-15 corridor. She also serves on the Assembly Health Committee.
A new inspector general at Caltrans has found millions of dollars in misspending on transportation improvement projects in the last year as the state has seen its coffers swell from increases to the state’s gas taxes and vehicle fees. Assembly Republican leader Marie Waldron of Escondido called the misspending “terrible” and said it is a sign of larger problems with California’s transportation projects. “This agency must be held accountable,” she said, arguing that the amount of spending questioned in Craft’s report pales in comparison to funds she says have been wasted by the high-speed…
Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron of Escondido announced her bill to improve California’s community mental health system, Assembly Bill 1352, was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom recently. Local mental health boards can better support patients by voicing concerns about county decisions and independently evaluating their community’s mental health needs, services and facilities, she said.
SACRAMENTO —  As Gov. Gavin Newsom ratchets up California’s response to climate change, Republicans and even some in his own party are lashing out at his plans to tap into billions of dollars in gas taxes and vehicle fees earmarked for transportation projects. .... Kim said the executive order is the beginning of discussions on developing a plan to meet climate change goals. But those assurances have not satisfied critics, including Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron of Escondido. “Secretary Kim is deceiving the people of California,” Waldron said. “How can he say he’s not raiding…
This week Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron announced her bill, AB 1398, to require transparency from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) when spending taxpayer funds. The bill will require SANDAG to hold a series of public meetings and earn the approval of two-thirds of voters before making substantial changes to its spending plan.
As part of Behavioral Health Action’s in-depth interview series called Behavioral Health Champions, we had the opportunity to sit down with Assemblymember Marie Waldron to talk about the behavioral health crisis in California.
This week, Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron led the State Assembly in adjourning in memory of Cal Fire Firefighter Yaroslav Katkov of Escondido.  Katkov passed away July 29 after experiencing a medical emergency while on a training hike near the De Luz Fire Station to prepare for the upcoming fire season. Katkov was a graduate of Scripps Ranch High School and San Diego State University and had previously been assigned to Fire Station 79 on Palomar Mountain. 
My son was experiencing a serious problem with an agency of the state government. He complied with all their requirements, filing the application, supplying the passport photo, etc. Their instructions are that it could take up to 90 days for the transfer of his massage license from Michigan to California. He waited and waited. Seven months. Telephone calls to them did no good at all. In the meantime, he could not work in his chosen profession, massage therapy. I had sent a letter asking for intervention to the governor of California on April 26. My friend Araxy Moosa told me to call our…
Darlene Wetton, CEO of Temecula Valley Hospital, has been recognized as a 2019 Woman of Distinction by Assemblywoman Marie Waldron, R-Escondido.